What does this gene do?

TNF-A gene encodes for TNF-α, which belongs the the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) superfamily. This gene plays an important role in our immune and inflammatory system.

TNF-A is involved in the control of a diverse number of biological processes such as breaking down fat. A genetic variant in TNF-A gene, can influence how the protein TNF-α behaves.

Increased levels of TNF-α, influences the development of associated chronic low-grade inflammatory  conditions and initiates the development of insulin resistance, which means that you cannot handle the sugar in your body well. Also associated with inflammatory bowel disease, high blood fat levels and rheumatoid arthritis.  This chronic low-grade inflammatory state is also a contributor to obesity and its associated conditions, like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The AA genotype is associated with two-fold increase in TNF-α levels which can lead to low grade chronic inflammation and the conditions that are associated. Dietary fatty acids such as saturated fat from animal products or processed food as well as good fats from olive oil and avocados can play an important role in interaction with TNF-A gene variants meaning that you can change the way your gene behaves simply by eating different foods!

Ask for dietary advice from a registered dietitian or healthcare professional.



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