The Life1000 Drs. & team

The Life1000 Drs. & team
Dr Geoff Mullan
Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Qualified Doctor trained at Guys & St. Thomas’ and Kings College London. Degree in Medicine. BSc in Endocrinology. Qualified Functional Medicine Doctor and Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine.

The Life1000 Drs. & team
Lukasz Hoffmann
Head of Product and Information

BA Finance, & Accounting, Operations, Performance Management, BMC certification.

The Life1000 Drs. & team
Christine Bailey
Head of Nutrition

An award winning Nutritional Therapist, leading healthy eating expert, chef, author and broadcaster with over 18 years of experience.Two BSCs, MSC and PGCE in nutrition and cookery teaching.

The Life1000 Drs. & team
Alex Sparrow
Head of Technology

Full stack software engineer with over 7 years of commercial experience. He has worked as a full stack engineeer for Oak North AI, Improbable and Quartic Technologies. AI PhD in data analysis from CERN.

The Life1000 Drs. & team
Mariette Abrahams
Nutrigenomics & Business Consultant

Business consultant, PhD MBA personalised nutrition and genomics.

The Life1000 Drs. & team
Tahir Mahmood
Head of Supplements

Pharmacist, MBA, business consultant.


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