Top 6 monthly personalised supplements +1 Probiotic test (Copy)

£0.01 every 4 weeks

  • Do the questionnaire to see what type of supplements we may recommend for you
  • Get your first supplements a few days after returning your blood test
  • High potency, high strength supplements
  • Supplements are not charged until after blood tests are returned
  • Backed by science, evidence based, latest blends

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Personalised combinations of high quality supplements in prepacked daily packs every month that cost less than you can buy at an online store

  • All supplements high potency and high purity.
  • 6 High quality, high dose supplements + 1 high strength probiotic
  • Advanced delivery systems for high absorption.
  • First payment after 18 days

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 20 mm


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