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Receive your first supplement pack 3* days after returning  your blood sample

DNA and Gut tests take 3-4 weeks for results

Supplements: £85 per 4 weeks

Each daily pack contains 6 supplements + 1 high strength probiotic 100% customised to you

*Lab. processing time may vary

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If you already have a 23andme test you can upload this on your dashboard. Our team can help you do this. If you select this option we will not send the DNA kit.

Blood tests are done at home with finger prick kits, we can also arrange for you blood to be taken.

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  • Comprehensive nutrition blood tests
  • Genetic report(DNA)
  • Gut/ Microbiome test
  • Top 6 monthly personalised supplements +1 Probiotic




  • 6 High dose personalised supplements + 1 High dose Personalised Probiotic
  • DNA analysis and full report.
  • Blood analysis; Red cell Magnesium, Red Cell Folate, B12, Active B12, Vitamin  D3, Lipids (cholesterol and LDL included), Inflammation (Hs-CRP), Omega 6 and Omega 3 levels (essential to balance inflammation and skin health)
  • Gut analysis high tech. 16s gene sequencing, measurement of gut diversity, gut health status, potential vitamin synthesis, butyrate synthesis and probiotic suggestions.
  • AI health survey.
  • Doctor and leading nutritionists review all results.
  • Summarised report
  • Bespoke supplementation (no pre-formed packs): a. Personally tailored b. Daily packs c. Monthly delivery d. Revised after 12 weeks.
  • Secure portal with all results tracked.

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