How does Life1000 make me feel better?

How does a life 1000 programme make me feel better?

Busy lives need ways to make healthy living easier.

We analyse key biomarkers and devise a programme to give your body what you need, in the right way, at the right dose to boost energy, immune system and digestive system.

We take the guess work away and deliver what you need.

Scientific, evidence-based and doctor reviewed.

Sounds good, but how does it work?

If you are really going to work out what your body needs you need to look at several key areas and put it all together. Each area is crucial and it is only when you put it all together that you can get a clear answer.

  • DNA analysis; reading your book of life gives us on average 30% of the answer
  • Microbiome analysis; the gut affects everything from immunity to brain health and is essentially 30% part of the puzzle.
  • Blood analysis; this gives us a snapshot of how you are functioning at this point in time and shows what may not be working optimally.
  • Detailed personal questionnaire 30%; we have developed a detailed algorithm using multiple datapoints to guide you to how to optimize your body.

Put it all together and we get a good picture of your current health and areas where we can develop a bespoke programme to optimise your health.

Are you going to tell me what I need to stop?

No. We are not here to lecture you, we are here to help. We want to help you function better within your current lifestyle.

We know that once you start to see the benefits it is a bridge to being more healthy. A positive impact naturally leads to a desire to keep on optimising health, hence we are aiming to correct and then maintain health.

The tests: billions spent on research - available directly to you.


Medicine and health is at an amazing stage. It is now possible to analyse your own DNA, gut and do blood tests from the comfort of your own home and then access your results with actionable suggestions from a personal dashboard.

This incredible shift empowers you to understand and take control of your current and future health in a way only imagined in science fiction.

We know that once you start to see the benefits it is a bridge to being more healthy. A positive impact naturally leads to a desire to keep on optimising health hence we are aiming to correct and then maintain health.

Home tests for DNA, gut and blood. How are they done?

All the tests will be sent to your home posted through your letter box. You just need to follow the instructions.

  • DNA. You will need to buy a 23andme kit. If you don’t already have one, there is a link on our website or you can go there directly. To take the test you need to produce a sample of saliva. Results take a couple of weeks and then you can link your 23andme account to your Life1000 account. We have not designed our own DNA test as 23andme offer a great service that tests a large amount of DNA accurately and reliably. Once your book of life has been decoded there is no need to do it again. With 23andme you can download your raw data to use whenever needed. They also have some interesting ancestry data etc on their website.
  • Blood tests. We use two UK certified laboratories to process all blood tests. Blood samples are special micro samples that can be taken by finger prick tests at home.
  • Microbiome test. Analysis of gut bacteria is done by looking at a stool sample and performing gene tests to analyse the make-up of the bacteria and the balance. A high diversity and high numbers of good bacteria are what we are looking for. There is a special collection device to scrape some stool in to a special bag that stabilises the specimen for high accuracy.
  • Health analysis. It takes 5-6 minutes to fill out an online questionnaire that has been devised using a special algorithm to tease out what areas of your personal biochemistry may not be working in an optimal way.

When do I get my results, how can I see them?

  • Blood test.  Results take 2-3 working days to be processed, reviewed and put on your personal dashboard. When they are updated and have been reviewed by a Doctor you will receive an email to let you know they are available.
  • Microbiome. These take a little longer to process and results will take a few weeks. You will get a detailed report from the laboratory and a summarised report from Life1000.
  • DNA tests. If you already have a 23andme account you can upload your data or connect your account and reports can be generated in a manner of minutes. If you need to order a 23andme test this can take a few days to arrive and then a couple of weeks to process. You then need to upload this to your 23andme account.
  • Health questionnaire.  Results will be calculated as soon as you have completed the questionnaire.

How do I order my first 12 week course of supplements


Rather than giving you an exhaustive list of obscure supplements, we will devise the top 5-6 supplements plus a probiotic if required. Our research has shown that this is the only way to get a high enough dose to make a difference. It’s why multi-vitamins just don’t work.


We want to make it easy for you, so each month you will get a box through your door with supplements individually packed per day.  Strengths may vary month by month.


Some blood tests are important to re-test and it’s often wise to do a winter vitamin D blood test as well as summer.

What if I want to know more-personal nutritionist consult

What if I want to know more?

When we designed Life1000 we asked over 500 interested people how they wanted to communicate. 90% said by email so we have built a secure messaging system in to your myLife1000 dashboard.

If you have questions you can use your message board on your account to message us directly and we will get back to you asap.

However, for those of you who want to discuss your results further and go in to more detail we also have a solution. Just make an appointment and you can either come for a consultation to see one of our nutrition professionals or arrange a chat on skype or zoom.


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