DNA analysis & 23andme

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23andme & life1000 DNA analysis

23andme is at the forefront of DNA testing allowing you easy access to DNA analysis from a company that is trusted and secure whilst also been great value.

By using 23andme you benefit in two ways:

a. You will have the ability to retest for new genes for health and wellness at Life 1000 as research catches up with science and we understand more and more about our DNA without having to do re-tests.

b. You will also have access to your data, both through life1000 and the 23andme website were you can download it any time to use in future. You may want to look at some of their tools as well such as your ancestry or look at other clinical data.

What part of my DNA does life1000 look at?

We DO only look at genes that have strong medical evidence.
We DO only look at genes associated with your nutrition, metabolism, fat storage and exercise.
We DO only look at genes were we can make a helpful intervention.

What part of my DNA does life 1000 NOT look at?

We DO NOT run tests to look at other health related genes or markers for medical diseases.
We DO NOT offer a medical screening service.

What if I already have a 23andme test?

If you already have a 23andme test you can register this with your life1000 account.
With your permission we can then access your data directly from their website saving you the cost of purchasing a new test.

How do I send my 23andme data to life1000?

If you have a 23andme account there are 2 ways to have life 1000 read this data:

When you buy your package you will be prompted to either:

  • connect your 23andme account to life 1000
  • log in to our account and download your raw data and then upload to our website, see tab below how to do this

How do I download my 23andme raw data?

To download your 23andme data is very simple but requires verification for security reasons:

  1. Log in your 23andme account with the details you used to set up your account
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Scroll down to raw data option and click tthe raw data icon
  4. You will then be presented with an option to click submit request for raw data
  5. You will then get an email within a few minutes click on the link to download raw data
  6. You will need to log in again with your details again to confirm it is you
  7. You will see a page with a button to download raw data which it will automatically
  8. It will be downloaded, probably in a “zip file” when you click on this it will expand this file to a .txt file which will look something like: genome_your_name_v5_full1234567.txt

How do I buy a 23andme kit?

If you follow this link you need to purchase the health and ancestry kit:

23andme health and ancestry

after registering and paying 23andme will send the kit directly to you and will email you when the results return, then you can link your account or upload the raw data

DNA is NOT your destiny!

  • Your DNA tells us a lot but it is not concrete:
    • DNA coding for enzymes can be turned on and off by behaviour, diet and lifestyle
    • DNA interacts with our gut to affect our body’s messenger systems such as fat messengers, neurotransmitters, stress hormones and sex hormones
  • Many DNA testing companies promise to read your present, past and future but it is all a lot more complex than that and we are here to help….

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