Improve your physical and mental energy, feel stronger and sharper. We correct deficiencies, address imbalances and help reduce inflammation. We improve energy with personalised supplements and vitamins giving your body what it needs for better energy today and better health tomorrow.

After 8 weeks 91% of people reported an improvement in physical energy, 82% an increase in mental energy and a 71% improvement in sleep. What can we help you with?

Watch our video to see how Life1000 integrates DNA, blood tests and gut microbiome analysis along with our AI questionnaire to analyse and select the supplements that will work for you...... and we deliver them too.




Energy is not just physical. It’s also how tired we feel and how resilient we are with day to day tasks. It affects mood and our feeling of wellness. Brain fog, lack of mental sharpness, memory and cognition are all linked to bioenergetics, the process by which we make energy.
Rebalancing the effects of hormone changes through stress or life periods such as menopause are also analysed.

Boosting energy production and reducing inflammation will also boost the immune system.

A unique approach: Life1000 is the only company that provides high dose individualised precision supplements based on DNA, gut and blood tests.

Our promise:

We only use high quality, high strength supplements from UK based producers.

The doses we use will be backed by clinical evidence.

All recommendations are made by a human. 

Dr Geoff Mullan Chief Medical Officer

1. Sign up for the Starter tests then do the online consultation

2. Receive your tests the next day

3. Get your first supplement pack 3 days after returning your blood test

Collation of results is done by our algorithms, then analysed by a nutritionist and finally reviewed by a Doctor. Only then will they be sent to you.

In the first 12 weeks, supplements will change every 4 weeks as we correct and repair before moving on to maintenance or to correct other imbalances.

Daily pre-packed supplements & pre/ probiotics are sent to you in monthly boxes through your letter box.

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Are you a 23andme user? Don't redo your test just upload your own raw data

It's more than supplements, it's a movement.

Supplements are part of the answer. Hacks on how to make life easier and what foods will help are also sent to you.

Get help to tailor your diet to know what foods are essential for you.

Have access to lots of science-backed info. to help you understand how to stay healthy.

Coming soon: get healthy, easy meal plans

Online dashboard to monitor your latest results and progress.


“My wife persuaded me to try and I have to admit despite being sceptical my stamina at work and exercise has improved”

Daniel H.

“I take these specialised supplements to help with my adrenals and if I miss them it makes an enormous difference”

Anne M.

“My exercise recovery is better and I don’t ache as much the next day”

Mark S.

“Bloating and tiredness is massively reduced and my PT can’t believe the difference”

Samantha D.


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